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Expert Concrete Driveway Services in Rockford IL


concrete service in Rockford IL driveways

Rockford IL Concrete Services is a concrete building contractor in Rockford, Illinois. Not only do we excavate, form, reinforce, and install concrete–we’re dedicated to providing quality workmanship at competitive prices. In other words: you can rest assured you’re getting the best value for your money with us. Although concrete is a versatile and durable material commonly used in various construction projects, it can also be susceptible to several problems like cracking or spalling.


  • Residential Concreting

  • Commercial Concreting

  • Concrete Driveways

  • Patios, decks and alfresco

  • Footpaths including Council Crossover and kerbing

  • Extensions

  • Concrete restoration

  • Decorative concreting

  • Exposed aggregate concreting

  • Pool surrounds and concrete requirements for landscaping

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Rockford IL Concrete Driveway Specialists

Concrete driveways are a low-maintenance, long-lasting solution that may be a wonderful accent to your new house or commercial property, and the finished product can look fantastic.

Most new Rockford construction projects require concrete driveways or parking spaces once the main build and internal works are finished. This accommodates staff, homeowners, and customers who need a place to park their cars or receive deliveries.

Rockford Concrete Services is a leading concrete driveway provider. Whether you need a new concrete driveway constructed on your property or a building or construction project, we can assist with your needs. We work on all residential, council/RMS, commercial, industrial, and public works projects where a driveway is required as part of the construction process.

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Rockford IL Concrete Pros are the Solution You Need

Adding a concrete driveway to your property is a low-maintenance, long-term solution that can make any house or commercial building look more put together.

Many new construction projects in the Rockford area need driveways or parking spaces completed after the main build, and internal works are done. This way, there’s a designated area for staff, homeowners, and customers to park their cars or receive deliveries.

At Rockford Concrete Services, we are experts in concrete driveways. Whether you need a new driveway for your home or a construction project, we can help. We work on all types of projects, from residential to commercial to industrial. We can assist with that if you need a driveway as part of your construction process.

Why Choose Us

Experience, Versatility, and Affordable Fair Pricing

At Rockford IL Concrete Service, we pride ourselves on our honesty and fairness. With years of experience in the industry, we offer a comprehensive range of services to meet your construction needs. Our competitive pricing is unrivalled – We provide high-quality services at an affordable rate. Contact us today for a free quote!

High-Quality Workmanship and Custom Concrete Designs

We offer a broad range of customization options to allow you to achieve your vision. Our team is experienced and reliable, so you can have peace of mind that your project is in safe hands. We only use the highest quality materials, so you can be sure that your concrete structures will last for decades!

Exceptionally Tidy and Clean Handover

Chaotic construction spaces become a thing of the past with Rockford IL Concrete Service– Instead, you are left with a clean and brightly shining area. Not only that, but we take care of all the leftover raw materials and construction so you don’t have to worry about it. Finally, our team leaves you with a space that is smoothly transitioned and ready for use.

Main Services

Concrete Driveways Rockford, IL.

At our company, we have a group of specialists who are more than willing to help construct your concrete driveway. We’re located in Rockford, IL, and have years of experience in the field. With us, you’re guaranteed to get a beautiful result that will last for many years down the road!

If you need help from the best concrete driveway contractors in Rockford, look no further! We would be happy to review your requirements and offer you a free quote.

Don’t hesitate to reach out today so that we can tell you more about all our services beyond just concrete driveways in Rockford, IL.

We build concrete driveways in Rockford.

Concrete patios serve as versatile foundations for big landscaping projects and small, everyday ones. We have a broad selection of concrete solutions ideal for any circumstance. On top of that, concrete is tough, low-maintenance, and always aesthetically pleasing! When you use concrete to pave your driveway, you get much more than just a new surface.

Not only are you gaining reliability and an improved aesthetic, but you’re also working with experts who know all things concrete. We have extensive experience concreting Driveways, sidewalks, textures, and finishes. With experience to back up our services, we have worked with many homeowners and businesses who now enjoy their newly concreted spaces.

Why Rockford Concrete?

Concrete is the ideal driveway material for anyone looking for a versatile option. Not only does it have a great appearance, but concrete driveways are also durable and low maintenance. When someone sees a concrete driveway, they tend to automatically think that the home was built with quality materials in mind.

An advantage to using cast-in concrete for driveways is that we can add color and imprint a pattern depending on the appearance you want. Textures patterns include bromide, swirl, or exposed aggregate.

Rockford IL driveways service

Concrete Repairs

Over time, even the best concrete walkways can develop some wear and tear.  Fortunately, concrete is one of those few materials that only require basic maintenance to stay in good shape. Unlike other construction companies, people trust us here at Rockford IL Concrete Service because we have skilled professionals who know how to properly repair concrete.

Much like our friends – Sunshine Coast Concrete Pros, that do concrete in the Sunshine coast, we specialize in concrete, flooring, slabs, pathways, and other structures that have been damaged by cracks or spall formation. If you begin to see rust stains, scratches, or a frothy look on these surfaces, don’t hesitate to reach out–we’re more than happy to provide our repair services.

Rockford IL Concrete Installation

Concrete Installation

At Rockford, IL Concrete Service, we only use the best materials and workmanship to install high-quality concrete driveways that will last for many years. Additionally, we always follow the standard thickness requirements – vital to a driveway’s strength and longevity.
It should be at least 4-5 inches thick if you’re pouring concrete for a residential driveway. But if your commercial establishment will have higher traffic levels or heavier vehicles passing by, you’ll need something even thicker than 5 inches. Other considerations during installation include:

  • Rebar and wire reinforcement – TTo ensure the safety of our guests, bars will be positioned in a grid with spaces no less than 12 inches apart.
  • Adequately prepared subgrade – UUse composition and compaction techniques to preserve a good subgrade. Depending on what is more appropriate, place crushed rocks, gravel, or other materials on the driveways.
  • Correct concrete mixes – We use high-performance concrete mixes for driveways because they need to be strong. Prices may depend on the brand, but we will always give you a durable mix that can handle cars passing over it.
  • Correctly placed joints – To prevent random cracks and premature damage in 4-inch thick driveways, it is essential to maintain a maximum joint spacing of 10 feet.
  • Proper finishing – A contractor’s rookie error is to work the surface too much and finish driveways before they’re completely dry. If bleed water is left behind, it could ruin the project. To prevent this from happening, we use a three-step process: First, we level off the concrete; next, float the concrete with wood; lastly, apply a broom finish to improve traction.
  • Proper drainage -For the best drainage possible, there should be a slope of 1/8 inch or more per foot towards the street.
  • Proper curing techniques – The last step to finalize a concrete driveway is called curing. This process involves using materials, like plastic sheets or wet blankets, and spraying water over the area regularly. Another option for treating the surface is known as liquid membrane-forming

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